Drew Harry

PhD, MIT Media Lab

“I spent six years at the MIT Media Lab - ask me anything about the experience or the lab in general!”
Drew Harry graduated from the MIT Media Lab in 2012 from the Speech + Mobility group. Drew designs and builds real-time communication systems, such as backchan.nl, used in over a thousand conferences. Previously, Drew started a Y Combinator-backed startup called Thinkature, a web-based whiteboard platform.

“Do one thing at a time - do research while you're at the lab, and a startup after you graduate.”
“What most surprised me was the incredible diversity of work going on in the building.”
“The lab has created a community of corporate sponsors who are committed to the lab's vision ... but not to specific projects. ”
“You don't have to deal with a lot of legacy stuff, you can always pick up whatever technologies are most appropriate (or that you want to learn!)”
“For me, absolutely - I had a great experience at Olin College, an innovative engineering school with a focus on design.”
“If you find smart people and put them in a space and take away constraints and short term deadlines, you can get something a little like the Media Lab”